“It sure doesn’t feel safe to be critical anymore. Unpatriotic? The most patriotic act I can perform is to be awake and outspoken.”
Natalie Merchant, 2002
“The politically charged vision of Natalie Merchant’s new CD took on a new light after the September 11 attacks.”
Boston Globe, 2001
“Beautiful, intelligent songs. Outstanding.”
Sunday Times, 2001
“I think her most recent album, Motherland, is the finest piece of work she’s ever made. I play it non-stop. It’s sensational stuff. The album is timeless; it doesn’t sound as if it will ever date or you will ever get fed up with it. And that is such an incredible thing to achieve.”
Elton John, 2001
“A singer and writer's album. Sparkling of tune and fiercely intelligent.”
Guardian, 2001