“I always felt that being a musician was a vocation and that it was something I would do throughout my life and that I wanted to do it with dignity.”
Natalie Merchant, 2005
“Natalie was really the reason my work became politicized in the late eighties. The work she was doing was real and important, all about the human condition. If there are twelve ways of looking at something, Natalie will always find a thirteenth.”
Michael Stipe, 1998
“I've tried to be a witness to the large and small events of my times and use my songs to explain what I've seen (injustice, greed, alienation and abuse of power) because our lives are surrounded by and full of these forces. But I have also tried to describe the deep longing I believe we all share for honesty and peace, for a place that feels like a home—for love.”
Natalie Merchant, 2005
“I‘m awaiting a new paradigm for the recording industry.”
Natalie Merchant, 2007