OPHELIA {1998}

  1. OPHELIA { lyric }
  2. LIFE IS SWEET { lyric | video }
  3. KIND & GENEROUS { lyric | video }
  4. FROZEN CHARLOTTE { lyric }
  5. MY SKIN { lyric }
  6. BREAK YOUR HEART { lyric | video }
  7. KING OF MAY { lyric }
  8. THICK AS THIEVES { lyric }
  9. THE LIVING { lyric }

For Natalie’s second solo release she experimented with string arrangements, horns, percussion and collaborating with a wide array of musicians: Congolese guitarist and singer Lokua Kanza, jazz trumpeter Chris Botti, Tibetian devotional singer Yungchen Lhamo, remarkable singer-songwriter-guitarist Daniel Lanois (producer of U2, Emmy Lou Harris, Neil Young, etc.), soul singer N’dea Davenport of The Brand New Heavies fame, Don and Karen Peris of The Innocence Mission, Craig Ross and George Laks (guitarist and keyboardist for Lenny Kravitz). Ophelia was self-produced and primarily recorded in her own home studio in Upstate New York with engineer, Tod Vos.

For the album package, Natalie collaborated with photograph by Mark Seliger (Rolling Stone & Vanity Fair) to bring to life six different female characters described in the title track of the album. They also created a short film together (with co-director Fred Woodward) in which the characters dialogued in several different languages, sang and danced. The human cannonball character was later revived for a circus-themed music video for the most popular song on Ophelia, “Kind & Generous.”