Paradise Is There

PARADISE IS THERE: The New Tigerlily Sessions {2015}

  1. SAN ANDREAS FAULT { lyric }
  2. BELOVED WIFE { lyric | video }
 { lyric }
  4. RIVER
 { lyric | video }
 { lyric }
  6. WHERE I GO { lyric }
  7. I MAY KNOW THE WORD { lyric }
  8. SEVEN YEARS { lyric }
  9. COWBOY ROMANCE { lyric }
 { lyric }
  11. WONDER { lyric }

To mark the 20th anniversary of her first solo album, Tigerlily Natalie revisited the entire album track by track in the studio to create new versions using string quartet arrangements and substituting electric with acoustic instruments. A companion film was released in tandem with the album that combined live performance, archival footage, and interviews with Natalie and selected fans. The film sought to trace the album’s path from inception to the impact its songs had listeners over time.

Musicians featured in both the album and film are: Gabriel Gordon (acoustic guitar & vocals), Uri Sharlin (piano), Jesse Murphy (acoustic bass), Allison Miller (drums & percussion), Scott Moore (violin), Shawn Moore (violin), Marandi Hostetter (viola), Stanley Moore (cello), Gail Ann Dorsey (vocals) and Simi Stone (vocals). Produced by Natalie Merchant. Recorded by George Cowan and Eli Walker at The Clubhouse, Rhinebeck, NY with assistant engineer, Bella Blasko.