Diver Boy


From the album The House Carpenter’s Daughter

Young Emily was fair lady bright, she loved her diver boy who sailed over the ocean to gather up some gold. Seven long years returning, his money for to show that he’d been sailing over the main down in the low land, low.

“My father runs a big hotel down by the riverside. You go there, go for to stay and I shall be your bride. Meet me early morning; don’t let my parents know that you have been the diver boy down in the low land, low.”

Young Henry, taking a drink that night before he went to bed, not thinking of the danger that crowned all over his head. Young Edward said to his father, “let’s take his money sure and send his body sinking fast down in the low land, low.”

Young Emily went to bed that night; she dreamed an awful dream. She dreamed she saw her true love’s blood go flowing down the stream. Waking early morning, to parents she did say, “Where could be that stranger boy who came here for to stay?”

“Oh, father you’re a robber, you robbed me of my wren! Oh, brother you have murdered the one that I loved best! The trees on yonder mountain are bending to and fro. They remind me of my diver boy, down in the low land, low.”