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Last night Natalie and Erik gave a special performance of “These Are Days” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and were joined by The Roots! They followed that with an encore acoustic performance of “Motherland.”

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  1. Annie Janeiro Randall Reply

    Hi! I was wondering if it would be possible to see Natalie’s performance on The Tonight Show, August 2019. I’ve tried to find the video online and all sites say that “the video is no longer available.”
    Would be great if you could post the video here on NM’s site. Thank you!

  2. John P Buckingham Reply

    My son and I decided to take a trip to Maine before he started his first job here in Ohio. My wife was from up state New York and had passed away suddenly several years ago. She had always listened to Natalie Merchant and she was one of her favorite singers. A few years back I came across her on YouTube and found I had been missing such a talented singer/songwriter, I became totally engrossed in her music. Anyway I would check this website to see if she was in concert at any place not terribly far away. We would usually visit New York once a year to see my wife’s mother there. We stopped to visit her and while I was there I remembered that Natalie was doing a short tour of New England states. We were leaving on Saturday morning and traveling through Vermont and New Hampshire on our way to Maine. Natalie was performing in Woodstock, Vermont so I thought we would stop and see the town and we walked done to the theater. I knew the show was sold out and had no thoughts of seeing it. No one was around and there was nothing posted about her performing that night, the door opened and a lady ask are you going to the concert? I said Natalie Merchant? Yes, It’s sold out isn’t it. She said hold on and disappeared returning with two tickets, I said how much, she said just make a donation when you come to the show tonight.Needless to say I was stunned and hadn’t enjoyed anything like that concert in years! Totally unexpected beautiful experience!

  3. Cody Swander Reply

    Wonderful! I loved hearing the song that started it all for me.
    Thank you!